Hidden Architects Exposition in Seoul - South Korea

The office was chosen by professor Elisabete França to represent Brazil, along with other nine young brazilian architeture offices, on a expositiion called Hidden Architects that takes place at Seoul - South Korea.

The project was the House at Prumirim Beach.


The exposition organizing comission asked participants to bring some release for our perception on korean architecture.

Thoughts about Korean Architecture

In order to talk about Korean architecture I had to think the parallels that might be drawn in comparison to history of Brazilian architecture. If on one side the traditional elements of both countries are very detached, on other hand there are some similarities on its trajectory.

And what I see in Korea is a productive mix between traditional elements of architecture (the Hanok style for example), the remnants of imperative colonization, the acceptation of a imported and foreign modern architecture on the hands of a strong State apparatus, the need for representants of architectural Star System and an amazing and huge local production, that the built reality of the country, with both big and small, old and young firms, engaged with environmental issues, materials, fabrication and local communities.